Where’s my package?

STEM Snack and STEM Lab Deluxe ship on or around the 5th of each month. STEM Lab ships on or around the 20th of the month. If you joined before 3 pm (MST) the day before these ship dates, you should expect to receive your kit within 7-12 business days (domestic) and 15 – 30 business days (internationally). Once your package leaves our warehouse, you will receive an email with the tracking information. Please allow a few days for USPS to recognize this tracking information.  You can also use this tracking number at FedEx.com to track the package since USPS and FedEx share the responsibility of delivery your package.  See "How do you ship the kits" for more detailed information.

If the package shows delivered and you can’t find it, please check your property and with family or neighbors. Often, the carrier will leave the package in a hidden spot to keep the package safe or someone else will receive the package and forget to pass it along. If you have done all of this and the package is still missing, please contact us at support@SpanglerScienceClub.com and we will start an investigation with USPS.

Missing packages must be reported within 30 days of the ship date for US residents and 45 days for international customers. We are unable to replace packages that are beyond these dates.  

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